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About Us :-

Several enterprises come into being when the brainchild behind them does not receive the desirable set of products or services and such enterprises operate on dual objectives of maintaining highest quality standards during all occasions and in the most transparent manner. Such organizations often change the dynamics of the industries they operate in and bring fresh perspectives of how to work and what to deliver. They rest the foundation on client-centric and employee-centric approaches and hence bring sea change.

Bariza Events & Holidays Pvt. Ltd. is one such progressive organization which was created by Mr. Deepak Kumar Singh and his highly effective team of travelling enthusiasts in order to understand the exact requirement and provide customized set of suggestions to travellers hence forming effective and memorable travel plan, maintaining quality services without exception and above all maintaining transparency at every step. Not many organizations operating in the travel sector are able to follow these ideal norms due to several constraints but for team at Bariza Events & Holidays Pvt. Ltd., these norms are way of professional thinking and living.

Bariza is an Arabic name which means eminent and each team member at Bariza Events & Holidays Pvt. Ltd. sincerely attempt to live upto the name chosen. Not only are they involved in studying and travelling to various destinations, both popular and less-explored, exploring and adding new perspectives to travelling but each of them take every individual query raised and received in most enthusiastic and emphatic way and offer best available itinerary putting their experience, expertise and passion at work.

Our Vision :- To provide extensive bouquet of travel solutions that touch upon every aspect of travelling and travel needs and customizing the solutions to the best extent as per the inclination, desire and dream of every traveler and hence turning travelling into an incredible experience.

Our Philosophy :- Bariza Events & Holidays Pvt. Ltd. work on the principle of QUICK in which letter has an attribute attached to it and the team members’ work around them during all the occasions.

Q- Quality :- offering quality services and maintaining the highest standards each day.

U- Uniqueness :-treating every client as unique and providing customized travel solutions

I- Individual Attention :- providing individual attention and taking every client as equally important irrespective of how big or tiny is the travel requirement.

C- Cost Effectiveness :- offering best travel solutions in a cost effective manner.

K- Knowledge :- becoming well-equipped about each destination in every part of the globe in order to offer best and desired travel plans.

Company Profile :-

Any organization may scale heights, face most challenging times and achieve what is desired only when it comprises of people with right skill set, experience, exposure but most importantly passion. The team members at Bariza Events and Holidays Pvt. Ltd. come from different walks of life but what is common is that they are veritable travelers who have now pulled up their socks to provide best travel solutions to the entire world. The organization has a flat structure and all team members work in conducive yet challenging work environment in a carefree fashion and deliver their best.

Bouquet of Services :-

Bariza Events & Holidays Pvt. Ltd offer range of travel related solutions and services which can be clearly differentiated from what others offer in terms of quality, commitment and ethics. One thing shall be noted be duly considered by the travelers and i.e. the cost for different services vary from time to time depending upon the region and season. The earlier you decide and book, the better the charges are. For any query, kindly drop in a line to us and we will revert within 48 hours. Some of the key solutions are mentioned below:

Travel Packages :- The enterprise offers various travel packages in and around the globe which may be handpicked as per the inclination and interest. These packages can be further customized for best suitability of the client(s). We also provide best deals not only for individuals but groups as well.

Hotel and Resort Bookings :- The organization has clear understanding and arrangement with hotels and resorts located and operating in different parts of the globe. What we suggest and offer is bound to be of high quality. The best options are available in different price categories meant for all.

Car on Rent :- Bariza Events & Holidays Pvt. Ltd. has a sister concern operating under the name of Vaishnavi Travel Services which has fleet of well-maintained cars of different segments. A car can be booked with us on most competitive charges and the service offered will be unparallel.

Air Ticket Reservations :- The team at Bariza may assist with air ticket booking with any air company for best available fares. The tickets may be booked for both domestic and international destinations and will reach you via electronic mail within a few moments.

Visa Services :- Getting visa stamped becomes a tricky situation. Our specialist will guide you about what all documents are required and assist in proper documentation and other steps included in the procedure. The success rate is quite high and so is the commitment and level of assistance.
Bus Tickets :- The team members may assist in booking bus tickets in deluxe and luxury buses on various routes.

Events :- This is a relatively new addition in the services offered. Under this category, we organize diverse events ranging from arranging forest camps to nature walks to village stays to workshops for Corporate Houses and other groups. We may soon add other category of events related to organizing exhibitions, conferences and incentives respectively.


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